Saturday, April 19, 2014

mtDNA haplogroup D

D4c2: There is a D4c2 in Bobillo et al., which is extremely rare in Japan 1/672 in Tanaka, and there are so other Japanese or East Asian lineages in that sample, so this could be a newly discovered Native American lineage.

D4j: D4j has been found in 2 studies on South American populations, one in Bolivia and one in Patagonia Mapuche and one on Bolivian natives. Given the rest of the weird lineages in the native Bolivian population, A4, B4c1a, CZ, D4J, M7a and M8/N9b, it seems a fair number of Japanese Bolivians married into the local Indian population. Sala and Corach 2014 (fig. 3 and supplementary table 3) has 1 Mapuche as D4j but this seems a typo as it has mutations defining D1j.
The Chinese individuals belong to the subclades D4j1, D4j3, and D4j6.
Taiwan Han
1/111 = 0.009 D4j6
2/111 = 0.018 D4j total

3/137 = 0.022 Chinese
1/71 = 0.014 Mainland Southeast Asian (Thai + Vietnamese)
0/197 = 0.000 Island Southeast Asian/Austronesian (Taiwan Aborigines + Orchid Islanders + Filipinos)

D4j1: D4j1 is restricted to TBs and some Baikalians. This must be an event post-split up of TB with Han.A wide variety of TB groups have been tested by Chandrasekar to have D4j1, and Qin only confirms this. D4j in Han are not D4j1, except 1 case in a Taiwanese study. 1 Thai and 1 Taiwanese Han have been found to belong to the subclade D4j1.

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D4a & D4b
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